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Typical Services

  1. Accounting review
    1. Check revenue recognition procedures - very often an issue
    2. Check controls for risk of loss
    3. Review employee policies for compliance
    4. Determine if switching to a PEO makes sense
    5. Evaluate collection procedures and costs
    6. Upgrade QuickBooks to a SaaS system like Netsuite or Intacct, if necessary, or upgrade QuickBooks to better multi-user environment
    7. Write VBA code for Access and Excel to automate key dashboards and reporting functions
    8. Speed monthly close
    9. Check stock and option issuances to confirm minutes are accurate
    10. Review stock option accounting to make sure 409A valuations were done properly
    11. Make business ready for due diligence
    12. Make business ready for audit
  2. Data review
    1. Look for ways to reorganize data
    2. Remove data redundancies
    3. Reduce chance of human error
    4. Consolidate data so it's more usable
    5. Work with developers to add online hosting
    6. Pool variety of sources of data to extract maximum value
    7. Institute procedures to maintain data
    8. Identify KPI's that make company more agile
  3. Strategic review - determine revenue and profit potential
    1. Review product portfolio against other market entrants
    2. Review product pipeline to see if syncs with market needs
    3. Use data mining to help identify opportunities
    4. Review protection of intellectual property for defensive and offensive value
    5. Evaluate internet marketing (analytics, SEO, SEM, call to action)
    6. Evaluate internet as tool to improve internal operations and collaboration
    7. Revenue, profit, and cash forecast with multiple, flexible scenarios
  4. Financing review
    1. Is there enough capital to reach growth potential?
    2. Can business access debt and equity?
    3. Is business leveraging investor relationships?
    4. Eliminate unnecessary business combinations
    5. Work with attorneys to clean corporate structure
    6. Check if business has the right board of directors
  5. Business plan
    1. Research and write plan
    2. Identify specific target equity investors and lenders
    3. Initiate contact with investors and lenders
    4. Prepare PowerPoint presentation
    5. Deliver presentations
    6. Close transactions
  6. Track results
    1. Track actual performance against budget at all levels of organization
    2. Continually evaluate alternative strategies